Welcome to the creative blog of kerrycwills...1cre8ivemess! If you found your way here via Random Chaos Life, thanks for stopping by. If you found me another way, I hope you'll check out the goods, find something you like and tell a friend. 

The plan for this blog is to share some creative ideas, enable with fun new products I've discovered and link to my Etsy Shop where you can purchase the paper creations I've made. 

I tend to find inspiration everywhere and I think my style reflects that. 

We'll see how things grow with the more I create, learn, share and find. I'm happy you've stumbled across my creative space. Please feel free to leave comments and/or shoot me an email at if you've got ideas, suggestions, or general feedback. 

I hope you'll come back soon and check out what's new! 

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  1. congrats on the new blog. loving the look. i have the same layout but yours has some fun features I am interested in learning more about. I will private message you later. I love the colors too. :)