Customer Request!

A customer who purchased one of my cards from my Etsy shop asked if I could create her a custom project and I was thrilled to help her out. 

She was interested in an exploding box type of mini album that she can add photos and embellishments to. She told me the colors [black, white, turquoise, purple, and a splash of pink] and patterns [chevron, damask, polka dots] that she liked and I got to work. 

I'll be listing this for her as soon as I get an accurate postage price, but I thought I'd share the photos and a few details here. 

The entire box. It has a lid to keep it all together, but when the lid comes off, the pages explode! The bottom of the box has the same square of pink patterned paper. 

The inside of the lid and the pages as they start to open. There are three pages on each of the four sides of the box and both sides of each page are decorated and usable. This is the perfect kind of album for Instax photos, mini Instagram photos and mini mementos. 

A corner view of the pages exploding. It's a great way to get a variety of patterns and colors without being totally overwhelming. Black and white photos would look so classy here! All the edges are inked in black and the corners are rounded. I love subtle details like that. 

Another detail shot. I coordinated the page base color [solid cardstock] with a patterned paper in the same color. I think it looks awesome. I hope she feels the same way!

Looking in at the bottom of the box. The pink square matches the inside and outside of the lid, as well as the bottom of the box. The left and right sides of the pages match up while the top and bottom match up. This way, there's a nice variety of papers and colors, but there's also an order to it as well. 

There are 20 page-pieces available for decoration, then the base of the box [that pink square visible in the above photo], the inside and outside of the lid. If you really wanted to, you could decorate the outside sides of the box as well. Overall, there's a ton of space available. Perfect for capturing little moments or a fun weekend away. 

If you are interested in something similar, please feel free to contact me. I love requests and I'm more than willing to work with your style and color choices!

Lots more cards are going to be uploaded this week, I've been very busy!

Thanks for stopping by!